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Adderal, ADHD, Neurologist etc

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Apr. 10th, 2005 | 10:36 am
mood: drowsy
music: the birds - Nature

On Friday I went to my Neurologist for my second test on ADHD. Well I take it and comes back saying I don’t have it. I’m like wtf, my doctor is like wtf? I have all the symptoms, and with the medicine I was taking it help for certain amount of time. I really don’t get these tests. Call me paranoid but I believe the lady cheated! No… seriously because before the test she kept talking to me, asking me all these personal questions. I think she was trying to feel out my personality. She didn’t even let my mom come in the damn room. She asks me if I had boyfriend and she even came out and said “Are you in that group”? I’m like “excuse me, I don’t quite understand”? She’s like “you know in that group”? I had a feeling of what she was talking about but it wasn’t definite so I proceeded to sound confused and said “I’m not in a band” lol. Then she said “You listen to that rock music don’ cha? That was hilarious, I told her yes and she asks me if we were like in a group and I told her that I hang with EVERYONE! NO GROUP! After that we talk about school and she said I spoke really clear and was articulate. See, she cheated! I don’t believe she went by the actually test. She went only by the way we spoke to each other. Did she think that I was supposed to sound “special”? Wake up lady! ADHD has nothing to do with intelligence! Goodness gracious. She probably assumed she was doing me a favor by lying. Anyway, my doctor gave me an up dose on Adderal (30mg). I feel like shit… plus I never know when I hungry. My moms asked me if I was hungry and I said I didn’t know. Its weird but I’ve been on the medicine for a while so I’m use to these symptoms.

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from: metroydchucky13
date: Apr. 11th, 2005 12:46 am (UTC)

lmaol hahahahhaha oh shit that sux.....oh man those pills are fucked up man..i took two adderal pills and that shit made me slow and i felt so weird.........i didnt eat anything for a day and i couldnt sleep either....yea right that crap didnt make me focus it made me slow lol

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