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Apr. 26th, 2005 | 04:19 pm
mood: stressed

 Yesterday my school gave out progress reports. These are unfilled reports that you hand to each one of your teachers. They signed and put  your  current grade and any additional comments needed. For example, you know if you’re passing or not before they give you your report cards. Anyways I guess they follow it up and see if you improved. I doubt though because I’ve completely gone down and no one says anything. I got my report today since I was absent. The only teacher I let sign it was my Italian 2 teacher Mrs. Tucci. That’s because she’s also my homeroom teacher so I have no other option. Seriously, I couldn’t let the rest sign it because I know I’ve totally failed most of my classes. What happen to my goal? To top it off Mrs. Zaldivar is giving us another Othello project! WTF?! I don’t have time for all that shit. Think about it…. I have 2 English projects to do, Italian to study for, Math to do and study for, 2 articles for Journalism to complete, and a Chemistry lab to understand and finish within Thursday. I’m fuckin loaded, and pretty stressed out.  I really don’t have enough time for this. Plus today Mrs. Zaldivar got mad at me because I went to the bathroom without her permission. Dude I ask her in class, she says “No”. Okay I really had to go but to be respectful I didn’t beg her to go or anything. I just sat back down in my seat and squirm and shit. Okay so a little later she goes down to her car do get something I think. At that time I about to fuckin die! So I keep asking my friends Jason, Iesha, Megan and Thoko if I should go to the bathroom. After 20 minutes they convinced me to go. I walk outside, and right when I get to the bathroom, Mrs Zaldivar shows up. She’s like “you shouldn’t be out”. I say that it was an emergency and I had to really go. I don’t remember what was said later but all I know is she said “see me in class.” lol wtf? So yeah I pee and I don’t regret it either. Felt way better when I did it.  Anyways I go inside the class and everyone quiet. I go up to her and she says she’ll talk to me after class. Then after class she tells be that I don’t follow (D something). Idk she said something with a D and I was like “what does this mean?” It meant that I don’t follow the rules or directions. Dude…. I had to fuckin pee. I waited for ever so you can come back and give me permission. Then all this other talk went on don’t really remember but all I know is that she wasted my time. I didn’t argue or talk back to her so things went smoothly. Thank god I wasn’t late to Italian because you can never be late to Italian.

PS: I have more to say but I'm making that friends only because I need to know who read what. But if you want to be my friend then your more than welcome to add me or whatever.

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